Microgreens in Winter… WHY Would You?

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Taw Valley Microgreens
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30 Nov 2021

Taw Valley Microgreens say why not!

There’s no easier way to increase the body’s need for vital nutrients. You need only eat a small quantity because each shoot is power-packed full of nutraceuticals. These are the molecules containing the energy that results in the development of a whole plant. Similar to stem cells, they are seriously potent so when it comes to building our immunity this is the type of food our digestive system needs.

Microgreens can be served chopped and sprinkled over soups and omelettes, folded into mashed potatoes or added to soups and even a stir-fry. Increasing the diversity of the food we eat is paramount to a healthy internal biome – 99% of the DNA we have is from foreign fauna and flora aka bacteria and viruses that live within us. Maintaining a healthy gut balance is therefore critical for our health and wellbeing especially in winter when we tend to hibernate and become more sedentary.

Ensuring people have a good supply of the freshest most nutritious food was the driver behind Taw Valley Microgreens’ start-up during the pandemic lockdown in 2020. Yoga Teacher Cass and her green-fingered mum, Elizabeth, started dreaming up what was feasible and set off on an adventure exactly a year ago over the darkest coldest time to see if all year round production was viable.

A year on and they enjoy the benefits of eating healthy fresh greens grown without chemicals or pesticides. A growing fan base of local chefs and catering managers is a testament to the quality of the baby greens they’re producing.

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