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Wake Up to Organic Coffee this Organic September

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Owens Coffee
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14 Sep 2021

With Organic September in full swing, now is the perfect opportunity to make small changes to your shopping habits, like choosing to buy organic coffee beans from award-winning Owens Coffee. 

Owens Coffee’s range of beans is 100% certified organic by the Soil Association – the organisers behind Organic September, a campaign designed to raise awareness of the incredible benefits of organic food and farming, including supporting biodiversity and wildlife, helping to combat climate change, reducing exposure to pesticides and promoting the highest standards of animal welfare. 

For over a decade Owens Coffee has been certified organic and Fairtrade – and sustainability has been at the heart of the business from day one. For the company, this covers the protection of the people and communities involved in producing the coffee they roast, as well as protecting the environment.

“When we set out in 2010, there were very few roasters and even fewer who had sustainability high on their list of values,” says managing director, Lorraine Bridden. “We are fortunate to live and work in an area of outstanding natural beauty, and this was the starting point which encouraged us to factor environmental issues into our business. It’s important to us and it’s important to our customers.

“In the UK, we drink 95 million cups of coffee a day. That comes with a huge impact,” said Lorraine. “By choosing organic, we know that this means no nasty chemicals or pesticides, which is important both for the environment, for those who buy and drink our coffee and for those people who are involved in farming our beans and their wider communities.” 

Owens Coffee worked hard to gain certification from the Soil Association, which monitors the product from farming to the roasting process and all the way to the cup. The company even goes the extra mile in sustainability ensuring its coffee is ‘clean-roasted’. The business invested in ‘clean technology’ when it recently replaced its roasting equipment – its new eco-roaster uses 80% less energy and reduces greenhouse gases at every roasting.

Owens’ ‘Gara’ coffee beans won ‘Best Organic Coffee’ at the Soil Association’s BOOM Awards in 2019.  ‘Gara’ is ideal for both espresso and filter and is a bold and fruity, medium-dark roasted blend from Central America. The most popular espresso blend of Owens’ range, the beans are roasted slightly darker to bring out notes of fruit, smoke and earth.

Owens Coffee’s range also includes; ‘Bantham’, winner of a 2019 Great Taste Award, a smooth and chocolatey, medium roasted blend from South America and Indonesia; ‘Dart’, winner of a 2020 Great Taste Award, a mellow and sweet, darker roasted blend from South America and Africa; and ‘Decaf’, commended at the Taste of the West Awards 2019, refined and chemical-free, darker roasted blend from Latin America, decaffeinated using the Swiss Water® method. 

To shop the full range of organic coffees or for further information about Owens Coffee please visit or call 01752 897124.  Like and follow Owens Coffee on Instagram: owenscoffee_, Facebook: @OwensCoffee and Twitter: @OwensCoffee.

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