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Three wacky new pies inspired by American Classics

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Chunk of Devon
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28 Oct 2022

The latest pie recipes for limited-edition bakes from Chunk of Devon pay homage to dishes you’d find on an American Diner menu.

Chow down on some whacky and wonderful pies inspired by some truly classic meals from the land of stars and stripes.

Cheeseburger pie

Cheddar cheese sandwiched between two beef patties, with homemade ketchup and a slice of gherkin, wrapped up in delicious, seeded pastry!

“Believe it or not… We nicked this idea whilst on our EYE S-PIE trip to Australia … they LOVE pies down there!” Simon says. “Now, you may be thinking… A burger in a pie?! But don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!”

Steak & Cheese Pie

Steak and cheese in a pie… need we say any more? This one is inspired by the Philly cheesesteak and features British Beef with a thick layer of Cheddar cheese wrapped in Chunk of Devon’s famous pastry.

Mac & Cheese Pie

Pasta in a pie, you must be kidding?! No! This ludicrous carb-loading combination provides the ultimate comfort factor and just tastes so right! Creamy pasta with a smattering of bacon and cherry tomatoes, a hint of nutmeg and oodles of cheese stuffed into our shortcrust pastry.

Cherry Pie

What’s an American meal without a dessert (or two)? It’s just the occasion to bring back the scrumptious sweet cherry pie. Also in the American Pies Box are a few bonus brownies from Baked to Taste.

The American Pies Box is available now and the limited edition Cheeseburger Pie, Mac & Cheese Pie and Steak & Cheese Pie can be bought individually alongside other Chunk of Devon staples.

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