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The Bay Tree introduce New Salsas

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The Bay Tree Food Co
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9 Mar 2022

The Bay Tree is always excited to announce new Bay Tree products, and they are delighted to introduce some amazing new salsas to get those taste buds tingling.

If you think salsa is just a dance with fancy footwork you may be in for a surprise. The Bay Tree’s salsas are great for dipping, spreading, and splodging, and come in mild, hot, and smoky chipotle varieties. Quite simply, they are Fab-U-lous. It’s definitely full marks from the taste bud judges.

Hot Tomato SalsaA hot and spicy tomato salsa with peppers and onions.

Mild Tomato SalsaSweet and sharp with a mild chilli warmth.

Smoky Tomato SalsaHot-fruity chipotle salsa with lime and coriander.

£3.60 each

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