Sustainability Hero of the Month: Blue Goose Eco Coffee

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Food Drink Devon
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7 Jul 2021

We asked our members to share their sustainability efforts so we could highlight the businesses doing what they can to reduce their impact on the planet.

This month our ‘Sustainability Hero of the Month’ is Blue Goose Eco Coffee and here’s what Lex, co-founder, had to say…

What have you done to make your business more environmentally friendly?

In a world where big businesses are only changing their environmental ways due to mounting consumer pressure, we created Blue Goose Eco Coffee to prove that small businesses really are at the heart of creating positive change, putting people and the planet before profits.

This is why all our coffees are and have always been packaged in plastic free packaging, from our compostable and plastic-free Nespresso® compatible coffee pods to our range of plastic free coffee pouches filled with our speciality grade bean and ground coffees. We’re particularly proud of our compostable coffee pods, which are made using a waste product from the printing industry and manufactured in a factory that is powered by renewable energy.

So we’re literally giving coffee lovers the ultimate choice of premium coffees in compostable and plastic free packaging formats, no matter whether they own a Nespresso® machine or prefer to brew using a cafetiere or filter brewing equipment.

Although it’s more expensive to use eco packaging, products and materials, investing in sustainability throughout every part of our offering, from FSC board and vegetable inks to being the first capsule company to adopt plastic free glues to secure our boxes is paying off as we are winning a huge amount of new, eco-conscious customers as a result.

What would you like to change in the future to improve your sustainability credentials further?

We are already offsetting our carbon through investing in renewable energy and carbon reduction projects across the world, as well as tree planting. We also invest in the direct air capture of carbon, which is exactly what it sounds like…sucking carbon out of the air right now. Tree planting is fab of course, but we need to solve the carbon dilemma now so this technology is surely the best chance we have of doing this?!

In the future we’d love to go carbon negative by both reducing our carbon requirements in the first place but then also offsetting our carbon use, but it’s very expensive so as a micro business we need to manage this very carefully in the context of operational cash flow and challenges. However, we’re actively working with our supply chain to do this so it shouldn’t be too long!

What tips do you have for other businesses that would like to become more sustainable?

Instead of retrospectively introducing sustainable processes and materials to your operations, it’s far more exciting as well as time and cost efficient to bake sustainability into everything you do from the start. So for any new project or product, think sustainability first and invest in it from the outset rather than having to foot the costs of any ‘retrospective sustainability’ changes you might need to make. Meantime work with certified carbon reduction organisations like Gold Standard, or choose organisations already doing a great job like Ecologi (check out our forest here: www.ecologi.com/bluegooseecocoffee

Good luck and feel free to get in touch to chat more about all we’re doing and lessons learnt.

Lex, Co-Founder, Blue Goose Eco Coffee

To celebrate #PlasticFreeJuly Blue Goose has a month long sale on right now, so kick start your plastic-free coffee journey today!


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