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Salcombe Dairy launches nationwide ice cream delivery

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Salcombe Dairy Ice Cream
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24 May 2021

Salcombe Dairy has launched a new home delivery service for ice cream. Eight of the most popular flavours can now be ordered via their online shop and delivered straight to your door. Salcombe Dairy has been making ice cream for over forty years using milk from a local farm and only the finest ingredients to bring you highest quality delicious tasting ice cream which you will now be able to enjoy anywhere in mainland UK.

Dan Bly, MD says “The packaging technology and dry ice chemistry have now advanced enough to keep frozen products cold enough during the courier delivery process, which is exciting. Our ice cream is packed in recycled denim as well as with dry ice to ensure it arrives safely frozen and ready to enjoy a taste of Devon wherever you live in the country!”

Choose from Salcombe Dairy’s eight flavours:

Salcombe Dairy’s famous Honeycomb which has a creamy Devonshire ice cream base with golden pieces of honeycomb that are scattered throughout to create smooth and crunchy sensation with every mouthful. It is the perfect treat on its own or pairs perfectly with any dessert.

Salted Caramel – rich and creamy, with an added hint of sea salt balances out the toffee creating a perfect harmony making it another crowd pleaser.

Stem Ginger – a fiery treat with crystallised pieces of stem ginger chopped and layered through the Devonshire cream base it creates a sophisticated and rich taste in every bite.

Madagascan Vanilla – simple yet classically delicious taste and is perfect with any dessert.

Rich Belgian Chocolate is hard to beat! With 70% cocoa mass melted and stirred into the base it’s an intense chocolate hit.

Peppermint Chocolate Flake – a refreshing treat – made using peppermint oil and rich Belgian chocolate flakes to create a sophisticated, all natural mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Also included in the range are two best-selling sorbets. Blackcurrant Sorbet is a sleek and glossy sorbet which packs a punch. It is filled with refreshing blackcurrant sorbet making it sharp and zesty. It is ultra-smooth while still containing no dairy.

Alphonso Mango Sorbet. Alphonso mangos are renowned for being the smoothest and creamiest mango variety, perfect on those hot summer days, so rich you can’t even tell its dairy free!

For home delivery four litres of ice cream or sorbet (thirty-two scoops approximately) retails at £35 plus £4.95 for shipping. You will receive four litres of your two chosen flavours (Each tub is two litres). All of their ice cream and sorbet is gluten free, egg free and made in a completely nut free factory. Additionally, all of the sorbets are dairy free and soya free. Ice cream can be ordered via Salcombe Dairy’s online shop at

Liz Earle and her Wellbeing team were in Salcombe to help launch the new initiative.

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