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Keep in shape with Devon Farm Kitchen’s festive fayre!

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Devon Farm Kitchen
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9 Dec 2021

We’re fast heading towards Christmas and this busy period can put pressure on our time, making it harder to think of delicious nourishing meals that are full of goodness.  Our talented chefs have created a selection of winter warmers that are perfect for this time of the year.  Turkey escalope with chestnut puree and all the trimmings is a brilliant way to feed our good bacteria with fibre and anti-oxidants – perfect when you’re short on time and looking for a festive choice.  And if all the excitement of Christmas is making it hard for you to sleep at night, rest assured, turkey is jam-packed with sleep-promoting tryptophan which should help you to get a good night’s sleep.

Brussels sprouts and red cabbage both contain prebiotics which are fibres that help to feed our good bacteria. These leafy vegetables are also an excellent choice because they’re rich in vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant that helps to maintain our skin, bones and blood vessels.

Or why not try our wild-mushroom, chestnut and blue cheese pie which makes the most of the seasonal favourite that is the chestnut.  The dish also includes slow-roasted root vegetables and sweet-potato champ.  Choosing locally grown root vegetables is an easy way to support British farmers and help to reduce food miles; caring for our planet is something at the forefront of many of our minds.

Whichever dish you choose, be rest assured that both meals contain carrots and sweet potatoes which are rich in vitamin A, essential for good eye-health and keeping your vision and skin in tip-top condition. It also has a role in maintaining our body’s immune function which is particularly important at this time of year.

Thanks for your support and Happy Christmas!

Debs and Sarah

Devon Farm Kitchen’s Dietitians

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