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BOOM! Another trophy for the South Hams Drinks’ cabinet

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South Hams Brewery
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17 Oct 2023

Devon knows how good the South Hams Drinks range is… and now other counties across the UK do too!

South Hams Drinks is a family business success story that tells of determination, passion, hard graft and above all else a remarkable talent for finding the flavours and unique tasting profiles that from humble ingredients produce the many award-winning drinks that are enjoyed near and far.

It all began over 17 years ago in a converted milking parlour – a lowly location that never stopped the lofty ambitions of Sam Brooking, Head Brewer, son of Mark the founder and now Managing Director of one of the South Ham’s most respected and recognised producers.

It is with Sam’s guidance and keen understanding of the desires and trends of drinkers that the original ale range has now blossomed to include not only ciders, with apples from their own orchards, but a range of fruity, refreshing soft drinks too; many of which are 100% organic.

Names that are familiar across the bars and restaurants of South Devon: The Wild Blonde, Eddystone, Devon Pride, Sundown IPA; Devon Gold & Devon Blush Cider, and the organic soft drinks – Elderflower Pressé, Ginger Beer and Cloudy Lemonade… and that is to name just a few!

And with the recent announcement that the 100% Organic Vintage Cider was awarded Overall Winner in Best Alcoholic Drink category at the BOOM Awards 2023, it is clear to see – and taste – the quality of his vision.

So, if you see the South Hams Drinks emblem in your local pub, restaurant or retail outlet be assured that what is on offer will be well worth pouring into a glass. Cheers to that.

Sam said:

“We are all delighted and exceedingly proud of this latest award, recognition of the graft and passion put in to producing drinks that take advantage of the fabulous Devon produce and understand the importance of being organic in our methods and making.”

For more information about South Hams Drinks – visit their website HERE.

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