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The Salcombe Dairy Apple Tarte Tartin

Makes1 Serving

To celebrate National Baking Week and Apple Day, Salcombe Dairy has been busy in the kitchen whipping up a delicious Apple Tarte Tatin which is best served with their Madagascan Vanilla.

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 6 Braeburn apples
 85 g Butter
 100 g Sugar
 1 tsp Cinnamon
 Puff Pastry

Peel and quarter 6 apples and place them round side down in your tart tin making sure they are packed tightly.


In a saucepan heat up 100g of sugar until it turns a golden amber colour. Take it off the heat and add 85g of butter and a teaspoon of cinnamon.


Brush the apples with the caramel butter sauce until they are fully coated. Place into a preheated oven and cook for 30 minutes.


Place the puff pastry on top of the apples and cook for another 45 minutes or until the pastry is fully cooked and golden brown.


Take it out of the oven and leave to cool before turning it out on to a plate. Serve with a scoop of Madagascan Vanilla and there you go! A moreish autumnal pudding.