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Chef Matt Dell’s Pickling Liquor

In Starter by The Box Kitchen & Bar

Head Chef Matt Dell of The Box Kitchen & Bar is a big fan of preserving foods, and his pickling liquor will help you salvage that veg in the fridge that’s just about to turn.

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Thai Cured Monkfish

In Starter by The Church House Inn

This mouth-watering Thai cured monkfish is the perfect starter to kickstart your dinner in the perfect style. With pickled ginger, cucumber, coriander and a squid ink cracker it’s delicious, light and aesthetically stunning on the plate.

Serves 2-4.

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Devon Cookery School Lamb and Harissa Scotch Eggs

In Starter by Devon Cookery School

These spicy Harissa lamb scotch eggs make a brilliant starter served warm with a peppery salad and a choice of harissa mayo and a herby lemon and garlic mayo. You can also make mini ones by using 10 quail eggs instead of the 4 normal eggs.

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Eversfield Organic Fried Green Tomatoes

In Starter by Eversfield Organic

Sweet, jammy tomato in a crispy fried shell… Need we say more? Homemade fried green tomatoes are an absolute treat and super simple to make. Dunked into a spicy salsa or fresh sour cream & chive dip, these are the perfect nibbles to kick off your Southern BBQ feast!