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Choose Boo Chi Kombucha for a Sober October

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Boo Chi Kombucha
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5 Oct 2022

Sober October is upon us and in the heart of the Devon countryside Eaoifa Forward is brewing Boo Chi Kombucha, a fermented tea which is a hugely popular wine alternative that’s actually good for you!

This delicious, slightly effervescent soft drink is low in sugar and naturally contains probiotics and healthy organic acids. It’s a modern mixer, full of goodness and low in calories; serve it neat, add some garnish or mix it up with mint, lime or whatever you fancy.

Boo Chi Kombucha is available online at where you can order bottles of your favourite flavours, or order your own kombucha-making kit so that you can brew your own forever supply at home. You’ll learn all about SCOBY, an incredible living organism that is full of all the good things our bodies need everyday.

Try Boo Chi Kombucha’s favourite Mocktails that will add zing to your step, and zest to your day during Sober October

Boojito – fresh mint kombucha with fresh limes and mint
Ginger Thistle – fresh ginger kombucha with limes and ginger
Strawberry Kooler – fresh strawberry kombucha with a sprig of fresh mint

Boo Chi Kombucha is:

Certified Organic & Vegan
Rich in Beneficial Probiotics
High in Antioxidants
Aids Digestion
Boosts Immunity
Never Pasteurised
Authentic Small Batch Brew
Naturally Low in Sugar
Very Low in Calories

And the ever evolving living organism known as the SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) allows home brewers to create a sustainable lifetime supply of kombucha.

SCOBY is a by product of Kombucha brewing and can also create a multitude of products for example… nourishing face mask, vegan leather, probiotic gummies, plant food, dog treats and a live bandage.

Boo Chi  Kombucha’s flavours

Original to balance THE ULTIMATE MIXER A perfect balance of both sweet and sour it has a light apple taste, is extremely refreshing and will leave you wanting more. You can add anything you want to this Kombucha, slices of ginger, fresh or dried fruits, sparkling water, it’s a hugely versatile flavour and product.

 Korean Ginseng to boost THE PERFECT ALCOHOL ALTERNATIVE Infused with this immune boosting spice, rich in earthy undertones, enhancing the original Kombucha flavour. This powerful plant root has energising properties and can help restore vitality.

Strawberry to replenish THE MOST REFRESHING Our strawberry Kombucha is packed with vitamin C, fibre, antioxidants, and more. Strawberries have been known to protect your heart, increase HDL (good) cholesterol, lower your blood pressure and it’s simply delicious.

Fresh Ginger to reignite PERFECT MORNING BOOST Reignite your day with our fiery fresh ginger. This spicy and aromatic wake up call will keep your gut fuelled with natural plant based goodness.

 Turmeric to brighten A PERSONAL FAVOURITE Infused with this powerful herb, rich in flavour and bursting with antioxidants, mildly aromatic with scents of ginger, orange and a touch of black pepper to activate.

Fresh Mint to revive THE MOST POPULAR & AWARD WINNING Infused with this calming and soothing super herb fresh mint cuts through the acidity of the Kombucha to give a slightly sweet, bright, extremely refreshing taste. This beautiful leaf is high in antioxidants, soothing and calming on the stoma

Find out more about Boo Chi by visiting the website, where you’ll also learn about founder Eaoifa Forward’s own fascinating journey from actress to owner of Boo Chi, via a yoga retreat in Sri Lanka. It’s an uplifting and inspiring story!

We’ll be back soon with another instalment on the Boo Chi journey.


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