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All-new Tiverton Farmers Market set for launch

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Food Drink Devon
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19 Jul 2021

An all-new Tiverton Farmers Market is set to be launched in the autumn, showcasing some of the best local food, drink, producers, growers, bakers, makers and more.

Tiverton Pannier Market is keen to resurrect a farmers’ market and do so in style, with a monthly showpiece event focusing on local, quality, fresh, sustainable produce and extras thrown in to make it a great day out for people of all ages.

Market manager Jim Bray received over 30 expressions of interest from a wide variety of businesses – established and new – in the first 10 days of making enquiries.

“A regular, quality farmers market would be a fantastic addition to Tiverton and the town centre,” he said.

“The town has a rich history of markets selling local meat and produce, stretching back over hundreds of years, and we’d love to revive the tradition in an all-new format at the pannier market.

“There are so many amazing producers and makers in and around Mid Devon and it would be great to bring them together on a regular basis to showcase their produce and work.

“The early response has been very encouraging, with over 35 expressions of interest covering a variety of produce, including meat, game, fruit and veg, cheese, pies, eggs, honey, jams, chutneys, beer, cider, spirits, fruit juice, cakes, plants and more.

“As well as a wide variety of stalls to cover all tastes, we’re planning to enhance the experience of visitors by adding street food, a mobile bar with local drinks, live music, family entertainment and other attractions.

“We may also look to add themes to bolster the offering, such as arts and crafts, garden and Christmas specials.

“It will be an excellent opportunity for residents and visitors of all ages to come together, buy local, support fantastic small businesses and have a fun day out.”

Based on initial feedback, a Friday or Saturday is the most likely day for a farmers market, complemented by several stalls already running at the general market. The first Friday or Saturday of the month is the most likely time.

The market plans to offer affordable fees and incentives for businesses to join and continue trading long-term, including a referral scheme.

For more details, call Jim on 07815 791191 or e-mail him at

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