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The Gift of Cake
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15 Jun 2022

If it’s a coffee and cake delivery type of day, then getting your go-to order from Ubereats is one thing. If however, it’s a why did no one remind me it’s [insert friend/family members name here]’s birthday/anniversary/any celebration that requires cake this weekend mildly panicked kind of a day, then good news! Coffee cake gifts by post is a thing!

Also, every celebration requires cake. This is fact. To think it doesn’t, is a rookie mistake.

New home? Cake. New job? Cake. New baby? Cake. Although best make sure that last one is a coffee cake gift- new parents need all the caffeine they can get.

All You Need Is Love And Coffee

Coffee makes the world go round. Or at the very least, improves your morning and makes the outside world more enjoyable.

So it stands to reason that a coffee cake gift will be met with total and complete unbridled joy; coffee cake (by post or in person, given with a great big bow on the top because why not, right?) has cheered up more people than anyone has ever thought to count.

Me amongst them; in one gorgeous creation, it combines coffee and cake- the two great loves of my life. Don’t tell the Other Half. And a coffee cake gift is literally the only way to my heart, no exceptions. Again, don’t tell him- he still sometimes (misguidedly) thinks flowers are a good idea. I’m allergic.

Tea might be soothing but, ultimately, won’t make your heart beat any faster- in a caffeinated way or a One True Love way. But coffee. Well, it’s a hug-in-a-mug. A little shot of brain-juice. The perfect pick-me-up for Monday mornings or sink-into-the-sofa Sundays. And every day in between.

Also, if you have more than six cups, you end up being able to hear the Jumanji drums in your head. You don’t get that with PG Tips.

Ah Coffee…

You can tell a lot about a person from their favourite coffee and their favourite coffee shop. Mine’s a Starbucks Venti dark roast triple shot Soy Macchiato. Make of that what you will.

So, whether it’s a classic Latte or a sleek Americano, an elegant Espresso or the more refined Ristretto (a personal favourite), coffee is as much about mood as habit. Maybe you’re more inclined towards a Cold Brew or an Iced Coffee, both very different and both completely delicious; and not just for the warmer months!

But if you’re the type who has six different flavoured syrups, only one single shot (which is probably also decaff), and in the biggest size cup your chosen coffee shop sells because the rest is foam, froth, milk and whipped cream, then what you’re looking at isn’t a cup of coffee. What you have there is a milkshake. At best.

Coffee Is The Answer, It Doesn’t Matter What The Question Is…

So whether you’re a Starbucks, a Nero or a Costa; or the type that actively seeks out local independents (for which I applaud you- we should all be supporting more small businesses!) coffee is the fuel that gets us through. And a coffee shop is a great place to take a pitstop.

With the exception of the places that have one of those signs that says: “We do not have Wi-Fi. Pretend it’s 1995 and talk to each other!!”

Which endears them to no-one.

Sublime Coffee Cake Gifts By Post

With the heavenly and, quite frankly, perfect combination of coffee and cake (delivery being thrown in puts you in wish-granting territory!) our Coffee and Walnut Cake is a feast for the senses and a slice of pure coffee heaven.

Its sumptuously soft sponge, with walnut pieces running through it, is drizzled with a stunning coffee syrup while still warm from the oven. It is then filled and topped with a rich, velvet smooth coffee buttercream and sprinkled with yet more walnut pieces.

Locally sourced ingredients, handmade to a traditional recipe and lovingly gift-wrapped. This is a coffee cake gift you’ll be delighted to give, as well as receive.

And it tastes even better with your favourite cup of Joe alongside it; coffee and cake is the ultimate pairing!

Sharing optional!

Send a deliciously moreish Coffee and Walnut Cake today!

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