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Vegan fruit wines from Lyme Bay Winery – try something new this ‘Tryanuary’

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Lyme Bay Winery
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3 Jan 2024

On the lookout for something new to drink this #Tryanuary? How about Lyme Bay Winery’s fruit wines? Not only delicious but vegan too, so a win-win if you’re also doing #Veganuary!

What are fruit wines?

Fruit wines are growing in popularity here in the UK, thanks to discerning drinkers on the lookout for something new to try.

The UK climate and landscape creates the optimum conditions for growing a wide variety of fruits.

The expert team at Lyme Bay, led by Head Winemaker Sarah Massey, source the best ingredients and strive to improve the depth and enhance the taste of each delicious variety. Expertly crafted from the bounty of Britain’s orchards, hedgerows and woodlands, there’s much more to their fruit wines than you might expect. Read on to find out more about each variety and give them a try.

Lyme Bay Winery is the UK’s largest producer of premium fruit wines. Visit the Lyme Bay Winery website to find out more.

Cherry Wine | £12.49 | 11% ABV

Lyme Bay Winery Cherry Wine is a smooth, full-flavoured sweet wine with an aroma of real cherries and a hint of almond. Cherry wine is best served at a cool room temperature and makes a perfect dessert wine. As with their other fruit wines, it can also be enjoyed as a refreshing long drink, mixed 50/50 with soda water.

Elderberry Wine | £12.49 | 11% ABV

Elderberry Fruit Wine is a robust, off-dry red wine that is rich in colour & flavour. This fruity wine is superb as an after-dinner drink served with a full-flavoured hard cheese or alternatively, alongside red meats & casseroles. Elderberry wine is best served at room temperature.

Damson Wine | £12.49 | 11% ABV

Lyme Bay Winery’s Damson Wine is a mellow, off dry wine that’s a traditional favourite. Light and well balanced with a hint of pepper which compliments Indian or Chinese food. Best served at a cool room temperature.

Elderflower Wine | £12.49 | 11% ABV

An off-dry elderflower wine, light, crisp, and beautifully refreshing with a floral bouquet. Great chilled as a popular lunchtime wine and a sign spring will soon be on its way.

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