Utopian launch new Augsburg Export to mark five year anniversary

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Utopian Brewing
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18 Mar 2024

This week Utopian Brewing celebrate five years of brewing beer at their mid-Devon Brewery with the launch of AUGSBURG EXPORT, a beer based on a German technique found in an original 1832 German text book. 

The Augsburger brewing process was described as an alternative to decoction or infusion mashing and is unusual in that the mash is boiled in its entirety.

Commenting on the brew, Brewing Director Jeremy Swainson said

“When you boil the mash more proteins and polyphenols are released into the wort which contributes to the mouthfeel, foam, and overall character of the beer. Naturally, any technique which could fundamentally change the flavour of the finished beer is incredibly exciting to us – and it’s not often that we, as brewers, have the opportunity to bring a style back from extinction”.

It seems that industrialisation ultimately led to the demise of this intensive brewing technique, and despite researching with a number of German academics who have written about the Augsburger technique, the brewery has been unable to find any record of another commercial brewery using this method in the UK.

Swainson continued,

“Recreating a process which was already antiquated 150 years ago isn’t without challenges, and the brewday took us over 14 hours. But it was worth all the effort as the beer has come out exceptionally well.  Expect a beautiful golden beer, with a remarkably complex aroma, and luscious mouthfeel, possibly like no other lager you will have tasted before.”

Commenting on the first five years Founder and MD Rich Archer sai,

“It is very exciting for us to pass this five year landmark in such a positive state, bearing in mind all of the bumps along the  way.  We will party in style as a team tonight and the amazing beer that the team have produced for our anniversary celebrations will no doubt go down as another highlight. We do what we can to try to keep some of the traditional techniques alive and so the Augsburg is a perfect showcase for that on our 5th Birthday”.

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