Sustainability Spotlight: Hattiers Rum

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4 Jan 2022

This month we’re shining our sustainability spotlight on Hattiers Rum. We asked them to tell us about what they are doing to create a sustainable rum brand.

About Hattiers Rum

At Hattiers we source and blend the world’s finest rums to produce a final product that is accessible to all. We are proud to be an honest and bold challenger brand, removing the historic smoke and mirrors of the rum world and championing real unadulterated rum while operating sustainably, placing purpose before profit as the UK’s first B Corp Rum brand, and only the 2nd in the world.

Named after Philip’s eldest daughter and launched in the early summer of 2018, Hattiers’ first release, Egremont Premium Reserve Rum quickly gained recognition from respected and admired individuals and institutions across the globe, so we knew that our approach to fine rum was right. The same unscrupulous attention to detail and quality was the catalyst behind the two newest additions to the range – ‘Eminence’, a blended aged white rum and ‘Resolute’, a blended aged navy strength rum. Since launch, both rums have been hugely popular and have turned heads in the rum industry, with Hattiers Rum once again gaining globally respected awards and recognition for producing blends that comfortably sit beside some of the finest single-estate rums from around the world.

At Hattiers we are extremely proud of how far we have come in a relatively short space of time – from humble beginnings as a small West Country producer to gaining our B Corp certification, partnering with British brands who share our values and gaining the global respect and recognition that launched us at breakneck speed to the top of the rum world, but we’re not stopping there, with many more exciting projects in the pipeline and limitless ambition. Our mission has always been clear – work hard, use business as a force for good and most importantly, have fun whilst producing some of the finest rums that the world has to offer. We are currently leading the way for the future of rum and that is exactly where we plan to stay.

What have you done to make your business more environmentally friendly? 

Since our conception in 2017, Hattiers Rum has existed as a benchmark of where we believe great rum should be, all while being uncompromising in our mission to use business as a force for good – being plastic-free from day one, becoming the first UK B Corp certified rum, a member of 1% For the Planet and Ecologi, and planting our own woodland as part of our steps towards Net Zero…but we’re not stopping there. Consumer attitudes are changing, it is no longer enough for businesses to operate with a “business as usual” attitude and legislation cannot be relied upon alone to enforce policies on companies to operate more sustainably with people and the planet in mind. The B Corp mantra has been deeply instilled within our company from the very beginning and it encourages us to continually examine our practices, work proactively and make conscious decisions. We hope that by leading by example, we can be the catalyst for other companies within the spirits industry to make the commitment to join us within the globally respected B Corp family, become more transparent about their practices and show clear evidence of their claims.

What would you like to change in the future to improve your sustainability credentials further?

Our actions above may sound simple, but they are not the norm, nor are they an exhaustive list of our proudest achievements. Regardless of what we have conquered to date, we will continue to push our priorities forward across our sustainability pillars in Community, Environment, People, Packaging & Waste, and Energy. One of our aims is to reach true net-zero carbon by 2030, as well as continually examine how we operate to identify where we can be better and do better.

What tips do you have for other businesses that would like to become more sustainable?

Embed values that support sustainability into your company articles, go beyond the minimum legislative requirements wherever possible, be candid about your eco credentials, show evidence to back them up, be honest about where you could do more as a business outlining what steps you are taking to get there, and finally, support other businesses with their own mission to become more sustainable.

Want to find out more, head to: www.hattiers.com

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