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Read the latest June news from the team at Voyager Coffee

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Voyager Coffee
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23 May 2024

Read the latest June news from the team at Voyager Coffee, Buckfastleigh.

Summer is well on the way and here a Voyager we are entering one of our busiest periods. Find our seasonal and house coffee blends served in fantastic local businesses around the southwest. If you have visited anywhere that serves our coffee and loved it, you can find all of our blends on our website and recreate your favourite coffee at home.

One of our most loved is our seasonal blend Native, created to highlight all that is smooth and sweet in a satisfying cup of coffee. Native has a rounded flavour profile that is all praline, caramel and chocolate, with low acidity for people that like a reliable, smooth cup.

We have some fantastic single origin coffee online currently, with a wide range of varietals and origins. Find funky naturals from Ethiopia and Uganda alongside clean balanced options from Colombia and Guatemala.

We are offering a 10% discount on your first three months when you sign up to our single origin subscription via our website. Simply use code SINGLEORIGIN10 at checkout and your 3-month discount will automatically be applied to your order. Our subscription will send our tastiest single origin coffee straight to your door once a month. A subscription makes a great gift for Father’s Day if your dad is a coffee lover.

For those that caffeine is an issue, no problem! We have a Swiss water processed Brazilian decaf coffee that offers all the flavour without the caffeine, find smooth milk chocolate notes with a nutty finish. Swiss water/ mountain water processing is one of the more environmentally friendly methods of decaffeination and maintains coffee quality and flavour profile.

Alongside this decaffeinated Brazilian coffee, we are expecting a shipment of decaf Colombian coffee which is decaffeinated using the natural sugar cane process or E.A. This process uses fermented molasses derived from sugar cane to create ethanol (E.A). This selectively removes caffeine molecules without altering the other compounds that hold the flavour and aroma in your coffee.

In Colombia sugar cane is readily available and it makes economic and environmental sense to use this plentiful resource, this also reduces how far the coffee must travel for processing, win-win. This decaffeinated coffee is part of our Colombian coffee shipment transported via sailboat.

Exciting news, the ship the Ide Min has set sail after loading in Santa Marta Colombia. We will be picking up several 70 kg bags of coffee on arrival in Plymouth in June and roasting them with care for you to try.

After sailing across the Atlantic, the crew now look ahead to their return voyage, a huge journey of 4,300 nautical miles with a brief stop in the Azores. We can’t wait to pick up our cargo and to introduce you to these fantastic coffees that have travelled so far, using only the power of the wind.

Keep your eyes peeled for these new coffees arriving online in July.

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