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Quayside Distillery welcomes a new apprentice to the Lead Distiller

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Quayside Distillery
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14 Aug 2023

Quayside Distillery is thrilled to announce the appointment of Olly Symons, who will serve as an apprentice to the venue’s lead distiller, Tom Cook.

With a passion for mixology, a diverse background in hospitality, and an unwavering love for spirits, Olly brings a unique skill set and vibrant energy to the Quayside team.

At just 23 years old, Olly’s journey in the hospitality industry began in the heart of the kitchen as a talented chef. His culinary pursuits led him to explore various roles in bar work before embarking on a journey to Australia, where he managed a small hostel bar, facilitated unforgettable party bus tours, and even worked on a banana farm.

Returning to his roots in the local scene, Olly further honed his craft by working in renowned cocktail bars. Notably, he made a mark at the Mermaid on Gandy Street, where his creativity and mixology skills captivated patrons.

For the past 20 months, Olly has been an integral part of Crossed Anchors in Exmouth. Immersed in the world of brewing, he enthusiastically contributed to the brewery’s operations while also lending his expertise to their event bars.

Olly’s appointment is timely, with Quayside recently launching their highly anticipated range of cellos which saw the long-awaited Limoncello, Limecello and Narancello hit the market for purchase. George Nightingale, owner of Quayside Distillery, says:

I’m very excited to have Olly on board as our new apprentice. His experience and enthusiasm will be invaluable in helping us take our cocktails and distillates to a whole new level. He’s built a wonderful rapport with his previous client base, and we hope this will continue on his venture with us.

With his appointment as Tom’s apprentice at Quayside Distillery, Olly embarks on a new chapter in his journey, with his first task being an overhaul of Quayside’s cocktail offering.

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