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Papillon Dartmoor Distillery launch Sloe Gin

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Papillon Dartmoor Distillery
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27 Oct 2021

Papillon Dartmoor Distillery has launched a Sloe Gin in time for Christmas.

Papillon’s Sloe Gin is made using handpicked sloes from the hedgerows of East Dartmoor and Shute Farm, which have been soaked in their signature Papillon Gin for a year, then lightly sweetened with some Dartmoor heather honey to create a delicious balance of tartness and sweetness.

The classic way to enjoy Papillon Sloe Gin is to sip it neat or to mix it with tonic water or lemonade. If you fancy a cocktail you can mix it with sparkling wine to create a Dartmoor Sloe Royale or try a West Country cocktail, Long Pedlar, by mixing Papillon Sloe Gin with bitter lemon.

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