Pack Up Your Hampers – We’re Going On A Picnic!

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20 Apr 2022
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Birthday Picnic Ideas: A Taste of Summer

Picnics and Summer go together like strawberries and cream, tea and cake and- if you’re so inclined- green eggs and ham.

But I wouldn’t recommend packing the latter into your nice (i.e., the lids all match) Tupperware unless you want to spend the afternoon with everyone asking if you’re quite alright.

There really is nothing quite like a picnic- be it in the local park or your own back garden- and a birthday picnic, especially, can be a wonderful way to celebrate, at any age.

Choices, Choices, Choices…

There are a great many birthday picnic ideas to choose from, and a quick Google search may yet find you overwhelmed with possibilities!

Traditional or themed, refined garden party or all out picnic party, teddy bears picnic or an event that includes lots of birthday cake and even more Prosecco!

Birthday picnic ideas are limitless and wonderful to explore when planning the perfect celebration.

Looking For Alternatives?

However, for every wonderfully traditional midday picnic, there are times when it can be less than perfect.

When the heat is stifling, the frosting on the special picnic birthday cake has begun to melt and everyone is more concerned with the army of ants heading your way and the fact that you’ve all seen that wasp making a nuisance of itself!

For a different approach, an evening birthday picnic is a wonderful alternative.

A Fabulous Birthday Picnic Deserves A Fabulous Birthday Cake!

Friends and family can come after work, dinner is taken care of, the intense heat of the day will have given way to a gentler warmth that feels as if it is simply melting into your skin, while the hazy sun still shines brightly.

Think of multicoloured rugs across the lawn, plump comfortable cushions, soft white fairy lights strung through lower tree branches to gently glow as the evening draws in, and plenty of throws at hand to stave off any potential chill in the air.

For the picnic birthday cake itself, consider sumptuous, blissful Lemon Drizzle; with a taste of pure, sweet summer radiating from every bite.

A pot of Earl Grey tea is the perfect accompaniment.

Surreptitiously replaced with Gin Fizz all round as everyone enjoys a second slice.

And as the bright summer sun gives way to the cosy glow of sunset, a fabulous birthday picnic softly becomes sublime summertime magic.

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