New Axminster Craft Cider variety proves popular already

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Axminster Craft Cider
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29 Apr 2021

To meet growing demand for its ciders, Axminster Cider has released a new variety for the Summer months.

The new cider blends two West Country cider apples that compliment each other perfectly – Brown and Redstreak.

The result is a refreshing, lightly sparkling medium dry cider, well-rounded but with subtle hints of sharpness and tannin for a taste that stands out. ABV is 5.5%.

The company also makes Dabinett & Sweet Coppin, and a Single Variety Yarlington Mill. The new variety is an equally delicious addition to the range.

“We’re focused on producing ciders with real depth of taste, that people will remember enjoying, and want to seek them out again. Old cider apple varieties are fermented using their own natural yeasts.

Once nature has taken its course we choose our blends, bottle and pasteurise. No sulphites ever go near our cider.

I’m really pleased on the feedback that we’ve got on all of our ciders, and more varieties will becoming this year.

Our aim is to be listed in all as many leading farm shops as possible, and as a bottled cider in pubs that like to offer local quality.

The Pig Hotel at Gittisham, said that our Yarlingtom Mill was ‘exceptionally good’.” Says Nick Cunningham.

It is also available nationally at

For more information, please contact " href="mailto:"> or call 07977 490574

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