Membership Qualifying Criteria

Conditions of Membership

  • On application to Food Drink Devon to become a member, a representative will visit the proposed member to ensure they comply with the qualifying criteria.
  • Membership lasts for 12 months from the date of joining and will be automatically renewed on the date of joining (“Renewal Date”) for successive 12 month periods until cancelled by either party by giving written notice to the other not less than 1 month before the Renewal Date.
  • Food Drink Devon reserves the right to make spot checks to ensure conditions of membership are upheld.
  • Food Drink Devon reserves the right to cancel membership to any authorised member if the board deem actions taken by the member or products produced by the member bring, or have the potential to bring, the Food Drink Devon brand into disrepute.
  • The Food Drink Devon board reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant if the member or the member’s products are not deemed to be appropriate for use with the brand.  The Board’s decision will be final and will have taken into account specialist technical information as and when required.

Sanctions against misuse of the brand

Food Drink Devon has a right to require members to immediately cease using the brand if that person or business is deemed not to be adhering to the qualifying criteria.

If, having moved to an area outside Devon and therefore cease to provide sustainable benefits to the area of Devon, and the party continues to use the Food Drink Devon brand on an unauthorised basis, local Trading Standards will be notified and proceedings may be instituted under the Trade Marks Act 1994.

In the case of any dispute, correspondence should be addressed to the Chairman of Food Drink Devon Ltd.

Power to amend

Food Drink Devon reserves the right to change the regulations at any time provided that the Registrar of Trade Marks has approved such amendments. The annual renewal form will inform members of any amendments and proposed changes to the regulations that are to be implemented.

Qualifying Criteria for Members – farmers, growers, producers, processors or service providers of food and drink products.

The Board has discretion in the application of these criteria.

All Members wishing to use the Food Drink Devon Collective mark must:
  • Be located within the County of Devon
  • Meet the qualifying criteria
  • Be approved to use the Collective Mark by the Board
  • Pay the Annual Fee and any requisite administration fee as notified to the Member by the Company from time to time
  • Actively promote products to  consumers and customers by including the Collective Mark on, without limitation, merchandising, websites, labels, point of sale material and packaging
  • Abide by relevant and current environmental law and standards of environmental practice, take measures to reduce any harmful effects on the environment, make efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, and have a sustainable environmental policy and adhere to the same
  • Comply with all relevant Trading Standards and consumer protection legislation in force from time to time
  • Fully support and assist the Company and its Members in achieving its mission – "To make Food Drink Devon a nationally recognised brand for outstanding sustainable food and drink"
  • Withdraw all use of the Collective Mark and remove any reference to their Membership upon expiry, termination or cancellation of their Membership for any reason
In addition, Members operating in the Hospitality, Accommodation and Retail sectors wishing to use the Collective Mark must:
  • Source at least five (5) products from Food Drink Devon producer Members and as many products as possible from Devon
In addition, Producer Members wishing to use the Collective Mark must use their best efforts to:
  • Supply their produce to at least five (5) existing Food Drink Devon Hospitality, Accommodation or Retail members within six (6) months of application approval. If this condition is not met, such Producer Member’s permission to use the Collective Mark may be revoked at the discretion of the Board without further notice
  • Make every effort to use foods grown, reared, produced, processed and packaged within the county using accredited associations of quality, sustainability and provenance where possible.  If products use ingredients that are not available in the county then the process and packaging must be carried out within the county.  Producers must comply within all regulations in force for their particular sector
  • Have the appropriate/relevant accreditation(s)/qualification(s) for the industry/business sector in which their business operates
  • Be recommended by or known to 2 Food Drink Devon members
  • Have an offer for Food Drink Devon members