Membership Qualifying Criteria

Conditions of Membership

To qualify as a member of Food Drink Devon, a member must;

  • Work in, or with, the food and drink community in Devon;
  • Have employees based within the geographical county of Devon; and
  • Be able to demonstrate Quality, Sustainability and Provenance.

All memberships are at the sole discretion of the board (by simple majority of a quorum). Members may be reviewed from time to time to ensure they continue to meet the criteria.

Food Drink Devon reserves the right to cancel membership to any authorised member if the board deems a person or business is deemed not to be adhering to the qualifying criteria or whose actions or products bring, or have the potential to bring, the Food Drink Devon brand into disrepute.

Members can cancel their membership at any time by giving one month’s written notice, but refunds are not provided and sums due for membership during the 12 month term of cancellation remain payable.