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6 Sep 2022

WILD Gelato is a gelato manufacturer and distributor on a journey, forging a new path in the dessert industry.

Wild Gelato was founded in 2020 by Andy Ward and James Phillips. The pair had been friends for many years before deciding to team up to start making authentic Italian Gelato, which is handcrafted in Torquay in the English Riviera.

According to WILD, Ice-Cream is instant coffee, whereas Gelato is barista coffee; essentially both coffee, but on entirely different levels. 

These are their reasons why: 

  • Gelato has 50% less fat content, as more milk is used rather than cream.
  • There is 40% less air content in gelato, which means more product for your money, as well as a smoother silkier taste.
  • Lastly, gelato is served at a higher temperature, which reinforces the incredible flavours. 

The WILD Gelato family is made up of just five core members! 

James and Andrew are the Founders & Directors. Their conversation was the seed that brought WILD Gelato to life. 

Emilia Macari, Head of Research, Product Development & Compliance. Emilia is the former owner of Macari’s Gelato & Dessert Parlour which opened in 1958, creating and serving their own Italian Gelato. 

Matthew, Head of Marketing & Design, is the man behind the brand and has created everything you see today from the logo to point of sale equipment. 

Chandler is the Gelato Maestro. Chan works closely with Emilia to create each pan of Gelato that makes its way to all of WILD’s partners. 

What makes WILD, WILD? 

The quality of WILD’s Plant-Based range is second to none, receiving amazing feedback, with many not believing that what they’re tasting is actually vegan.

Of WILD’s 30+ flavours currently six are Plant-Based flavours which include Biscoffie, Cookies & Cream and Raspberry-Ripple. 

WILD pride themselves on having close relationships with all their clients who stock WILD Gelato and fulfilling any needs they may have. For example, Sara’s on the Beach in Preston, has a beautiful shade of sea blue running through the design of her kiosk.

The WILD team worked closely with Sara and Matthew, head of design & marketing, to design bespoke signage and POS to match the colours of her kiosk which can be seen in the images below.  

You can try WILD Gelato for yourself in the following locations: 

The Prince William Brixham
WesupXSolskin at Abbey Sands
Three Degrees West, Oddicombe Ceach Hill
Cantina Goodrington
Waffle Inn
Sara’s on the Beach
Devon Valley Holiday Village
Pinocchio’s at Trago Mills

…to name just a few!

Wild Gelato has recently started taking part in events such as The Devon County Show, Music on the Meadows, Ice-cream & Bubbles Festival. Soon you’ll find them at the Foodies Festival at Escot, near Exeter and later this year at events like Totnes Christmas Market. Wild is now available to book for private events such as weddings – so you can say ‘I do’ with a gelato or two!

With two new flavours on the cusp of launching it’s a busy time for the team. Look forward to Unicorn, the gelato of every child’s dream, and a classic turned WILD, Honeycomb. Watch out for more details on these flavours coming soon. 

Learn more and follow WILD on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook at @wildgelato

New website coming soon at www.wildgelato.co.uk


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