Meet Voyager Coffee’s newest single origin coffee

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Voyager Coffee
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18 Mar 2024

Meet Voyager Coffee’s newest single origin coffee, Shoondhisa from Ethiopia… and news of coffee arriving by sail boat.

It is clean and sweet, boasting notes of Earl Grey tea, peach, and bergamot. This coffee makes a perfect morning brew and is great enjoyed in the sunshine. This makes a great addition to our growing single origin coffee offering. Buy it HERE.

We are also closely following the progress of two exciting new Colombian coffees that are arriving to us in Plymouth harbour via sailboat in May.

We have teamed up with New Dawn Traders who are working to highlight the shipping industry’s impact on the planet and build awareness of better practices and choices to drive environmental change.

Their cargo sailboat the Ide Min has recently completed its 6-week crossing of the Atlantic and arrived in Suriname. Their final destination of Colombia is almost in sight and they will load up green coffee to transport back to the UK.

This March we want to spread the love and offer a discount on our current favourite coffee in the roastery, Finca El Pedero. This naturally processed coffee is smooth and sweet. Tasting notes of fresh strawberry, vanilla, and dark chocolate pairs perfectly with any sweet treat.

Find on our website HERE and use code honduras20 for 20% off.


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