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Luscombe is proud to announce it has just been awarded the new King’s Royal Warrant

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Luscombe Drinks
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23 May 2024

Luscombe is proud to announce it has just been awarded the new King’s Royal Warrant after holding the Prince of Wales Royal Warrant since May 2021.  

This esteemed recognition, bestowed by the Royal Households, is a resounding endorsement of Luscombe’s unwavering dedication to crafting drinks of exceptional quality.

Royal Warrants are awarded to businesses who supply a very high quality service or product, and one that is enjoyed by the Royal Households.

Commenting on this incredible achievement, Luscombe’s founder, Gabriel David says:

“It’s been an honour to hold the Royal Warrant for the supply of soft drinks to the Prince of Wales since 2021. We are thrilled to have this prestigious accolade renewed. It is a reflection of the hard work of all those involved here over the past 49 years.”

Luscombe has become renowned for its pursuit of perfection with great taste at the core of everything produced. Gabriel’s passion for making premium soft drinks means Luscombe uses only the finest hand selected organic ingredients from trusted growers worldwide.

Gabriel continues:

“We have pressed the apples from the Highgrove estate for over 15 years and our soft drinks are served privately and at palace and state events as alternatives to Champagne and wines. To receive the Royal Warrant again is truly a moment of immense pride for us.”

Luscombe have been creating beautifully crafted drinks on the farm in Devon since 1975. Gabriel is known for his pursuit of perfection, blending the finest organic ingredients with Luscombe’s own source of fresh Dartmoor spring water. Gabriel’s uncompromising ethos has yielded a multi-award-winning range of soft drinks revered for their exquisite taste and uncompromising quality. Every step from sourcing, harvesting, juicing, blending and bottling receives their undivided attention.

Luscombe prides itself on producing all its products onsite, using only the finest organic fruits sourced from around the globe. From organic fruit juices to refreshing mixers and tonic waters, each offering in the Luscombe range has earned accolades, including over 110 Great Taste Awards, reaffirming its status as a paragon of quality and taste.

As a proud member of the Soil Association, Luscombe remains committed to sustainable practices, further underscoring its dedication to excellence.

For further information on Luscombe, please visit, follow Luscombe on TikTok @luscombedrinks, Instagram: @luscombedrinks or ‘Like’ on Facebook.

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