Introducing for Valentine’s Day… Salcombe Dairy’s luxury chocolate hampers, hearts and more.

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Salcombe Dairy Chocolate
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1 Feb 2024

Introducing for Valentine’s Day a wealth of romantic individual chocolate hearts and hampers from Salcombe Dairy for your special someone.

Salcombe Dairy’s luxury chocolate hamper.

This £29.50 hamper includes:

  • A beautifully presented gift box containing five chocolate bars:
    Dark with Cacao Nibs
    Milk Chocolate Rose
    Milk Chocolate with Caramel & Sea Salt
    White Vanilla Chocolate
    White Chocolate Raspberry
  • Your choice of two hand-crafted chocolate hearts.
    Select from four available flavours:
    White chocolate with dried raspberry.
    Blond chocolate with black pepper-infused caramel (a more delicate flavour than salted caramel).
    Milk chocolate with dried strawberry
    Dark chocolate with dried sour cherry


Say ‘I love you’ with a beautiful hand-crafted chocolate heart chunky bar.

This unique Valentine’s treat features an elegant marbled white chocolate heart with a hint of strawberry essence and a sprinkling of dried raspberries surrounded by our evening star chocolate – a darker milk.

Presented in a charming ruby ‘book’ box made entirely from biodegradeable card and eco film – no nasty plastics!

There is lots more on the Salcombe Dairy website HERE to explore – you’re sure to find something special for someone special.

Their award-winning Bean-to-Bar chocolate is made in Salcombe beginning with organic cacao nibs from the Peruvian rainforest, melanged with raw cane sugar before conching, tempering and moulding into these wonderful artisan chocolate truffles.

All Salcombe Dairy chocolate is nut free, gluten free, soya free and palm oil free, plus they only use 100% natural ingredients.

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