Going Vegan Should Not Mean Missing Out On Fabulous Cake!

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The Gift of Cake
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26 Apr 2022

So. You’re vegan.

And potentially bereft of utterly delicious vegan birthday cake options. Which is, quite frankly, an unacceptable state of affairs. Cake is one of the major food groups and I’ll not hear otherwise!

Maybe you’re fully vegan and have been for a while. Or you are celebrating someone who is. Or simply making the choice to be a little more plant-based.

Perhaps you’re a brand-new vegan and it’s slowly dawning on you that not only is widely-available, delicious vegan birthday cake Not A Thing, it is apparently Very Much Not A Thing.

Birthday Celebrations

We all know it’s not officially a proper birthday celebration without a fabulous cake to share with your friends and family (if you’re willing to share, that is!) and what’s definitely needed on these special occasions is a sumptuous vegan birthday cake that dazzles.

Nothing more, nothing less!

How times have changed

Gone are the days, thank goodness, when being vegan elicited many a “what do you even eat?!” response, as everyone would assume you had turned into a rabbit; only eating carrots and the odd bit of lettuce.

Back then, if craving a chocolate fix, you would have to pretend you were okay with the cardboard-tasting nonsense you would find in health food stores, among the quinoa and dried lentils.

Don’t get me wrong, these are both valid life choices, but when you are looking to soothe a bad day, no one’s first thought is “I know what I need! Lentils…”.

The choice on offer for great tasting plant-based products- especially vegan cake gifts- has vastly improved; much to the relief of vegans everywhere.

And when brands like Galaxy jump on board with vegan chocolate, you know things are changing for the better!

Vegan Birthday Cake That Sings

When searching for vegan cake gifts, the aim- as with any birthday- is to find that extra special occasion cake. The cake of their dreams! A cake that screams I love you so much I wanted to give you this gorgeous cake!

So when it’s presented with the lights off, the candles lit, and everyone in fine voice singing Happy Birthday, it needs to live up to all expectations.

And have everyone asking for another slice!

Divinely plant-based!

A great option when considering vegan birthday cakes, is our award-winning Vegan Chocolate and Pistachio Cake.

Moist dark chocolate sponge, baked to perfection, filled and topped with a rich, velvet-smooth chocolate ganache and decorated with chopped pistachio kernels, topped off with a sprinkling of dried raspberry.

For a delicious gift that will be remembered, it is pure chocolate-loving indulgence and indisputable proof that vegan birthday cakes can look fabulous and taste incredible.

It is, quite simply, the stuff vegan birthday cake dreams are made of! 

Send a Vegan Chocolate and Pistachio Cake to someone special today!

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