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Gloriously Gluten Free!

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The Gift of Cake
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13 Jun 2022

Delicious gluten free birthday cake to order online. Fact or fiction? Myth or legend? Fast or furious? Ignore that last one, I ran out of ideas…

Finding a gluten free birthday cake to order, without hassle, without fuss and- moreover- tasting completely heavenly, can sometimes feel like a never-ending search.

You end up considering having to bake it yourself. Or trying to talk someone into baking it for you. Or asking in your local bakery if they do gluten free cakes, shortly before they burst out laughing, which you take as a no.

But what is a party without cake? Utterly pointless, is the answer!

So, the search goes on for gluten free birthday cakes online and gluten free cake for delivery- UK specifically, because you found the most perfect cake and went through the entire ordering process, only to then find they were in Dallas and, obviously, the shipping didn’t include a trip across the Atlantic. For you or the cake.

Cake Is For Life, Not Just For Birthdays

When choosing a gluten free cake for delivery (UK-only search filter- you learnt your lesson!) is that, firstly, it shouldn’t look like a reject from the didn’t-even-qualify table at the local village fair Bake Off.

Secondly, it shouldn’t taste like sawdust (happens more often than you think with gluten free cakes!).

And thirdly, it shouldn’t be four times the price of a regular cake for it being one tenth of the size and bringing you about as much joy as being woken up in the morning by your cat bringing you a “gift”, which hasn’t gasped its last gasp yet.

Truly special gluten free cake needs to be as delicious as you could ever wish it to be.

And leave people speechless when you tell them it’s gluten free!

Perhaps the search for gorgeous gluten free birthday cakes online is for yourself- in which case, Happy Birthday fellow gluten-free’er! I highly recommend a Coeliac UK accredited gluten free Domino’s to aid you in your cake search; it doesn’t trawl the internet for you, but it does make the trawling slightly easier to bear!

Or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect cake as a gift for a special someone and your efforts to find gluten free birthday cake to order are not returning as many hits as you’d like. In fact, zilch is closer to the mark. In this case, I would implore you not to go down the route of flowers. Lovely as they are, I have lost count of the “at least they’re gluten free!!” notecards I’ve had over the years.

One point to make- and I think you’ll agree that it’s the only one worth making at this juncture- is that, quite simply, you can’t eat flowers!

Gluten Free Cake For Delivery in the UK Is Closer Than You Think!

An extra special cake gift for that extra special someone is always a great idea.

And when it comes perfectly gift-wrapped and sent with any numbers of added extras to choose from, well, you know that you’re onto a winner!

Our gloriously Gluten Free Lemon and Almond Cake is simply stunning, from the very first to the very last slice.

A deliciously nutty sponge made with ground almonds and drizzled with real lemon juice; filled with beautifully zingy lemon buttercream and finished off with a sprinkling of toasted almonds.

One taste and you’ll have a brand-new favourite on your hands!

Why not send a Gloriously Gluten Free Cake today!

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