Gaia Coffee Launch New Coffee in time for Valentine’s Day

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Gaia Coffee
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1 Feb 2022

What could be a better gift for your loved one this Valentines’ day than making sure each day starts off to a great start? That is what you can do with Gaia Coffee.

On the 31st of January, Gaia Coffee launched their new house blend and a single-origin coffee from Myanmar. On their website, you can now buy freshly roasted, speciality coffee beans that have been roasted in Torbay, Devon.

You can order all of their coffees as whole beans or pre-ground to suit your needs, and you can also pair the coffee with a huge range of brewing equipment available.

Name: Gaia’s helping hand

Varietal: Arabica (Caturra / Catimor)

Process: Washed

Origin: Multiple

Altitude: 1080- 1900m

Tasting notes: Chocolate, papaya, citrus

Gaia’s helping hand coffee, is their distinctive signature blend which is a combination of sweet base notes and high acidity, which results in a well-rounded satisfying coffee. It has been roasted as an Omni roast, using a high drop temperature so the subtlety of the acidic notes are not lost and can particularly be enjoyed as a filter.  However, there is a depth of flavour and noticeable sweetness when brewed as an espresso which can be enjoyed black or with milk.  The coffee plants have been shade grown, meaning the growth slows down and the maturation period of the cherries increases, resulting in increased levels of natural sugars that enhance the flavour of the beans

Name: Myanmar Moe Htet Estate

Varietal: Arabica (Catimor)

Process: Washed

Origin: Myanmar – Pyin Oo Lwn region

Altitude: 1080m

Tasting notes: chocolate, grape, honey, orange

The Myanmar Moe Htet Estate coffee is grown on a farm owned by Kyaw Hlaingg of around 200 acres. The farm is run being mindful to the local community, employing many locals as pickers and also organising monthly workshops on the far as a way of contributing to the local coffee community, which should help to bolster a growing speciality industry. The cherries are picked on the farm and transported quickly to the processing facility, fully washed the cherries are then sun dried on patios at the wet mill before being cupped, graded, dehulled and bagged. This is a full-bodied coffee prominent sweetness and a small hint of citrus.

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