Chunk of Devon Launch Perfect Picnic Hamper

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Chunk of Devon
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21 Jul 2022

Pie and pasty wizards, Chunk of Devon, were inspired by the recent ‘picnic week’ and have thrown together a new Picnic Selection for summer (they also wanted an excuse to bring back the wondrous pork pie which is only available in their Simon Selection Box usually!)

In the Perfect Picnic Box you’ll find everything you need to enjoy a bit of alfresco dining (you might need a nap afterwards if you get through it all)

The NEW Picnic Selection Box includes:

4 x Chunki Sausage Rolls

4 x Squealer Pork Pies

4 x Spinach, Squash and Goat’s Cheese Rolls

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To accompany their Selection Box, Chunk of Devon were also keen to share their picnic inside info… read on for some alfresco inspiration!

  • The picnic, a major British hobby during the warmer months for centuries (sun NEVER guaranteed!) The Victorians and Edwardians flocked to green spaces to enjoy a spot of alfresco dining and we still love to take a gamble with the weather to delight in an outdoors feast.
  • First, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the lovely word itself. Picnic. It was first used in the 18th Century and comes from the French, like so much of our food vocab. It literally means ‘piquer’ to pick at food and ‘niquer’ a silly, insignificant thing.
  • A wonderful benefit of picnicking is being able to spend more time in nature which has been proven to be an anxiety buster, as well as having other positives. 
  • Nature can generate calmness, joy, creativity and can even facilitate concentration!
  • As Brits, we only get a short window where it’s warm enough to spend lots of time outside (not just dashing from one shelter to another). So let’s make the most of it! Grab the gingham blanket and head to the hills (or the flat fields/parks if you’re not in the undulating South West like us).
  • Check out Chunks suggestions for some top Picnic spots in Devon.
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