Christmas Gifts for the Conscious Coffee Lover

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26 Nov 2021

In time for Christmas, the UK’s ‘best organic coffee’ Owens Coffee has launched a new coffee masterclass at The Roastery, its home in South Devon. The Owens’ coffee-at-home experiences are the perfect way to bring a touch of the professional barista into the homes of coffee lovers.

The new ‘Home Barista Masterclass’ is the perfect Christmas gift for coffee enthusiasts who would like to get a better understanding of using domestic espresso machines in the home and improve their general knowledge of coffee beans and quality control.  The masterclass will help keen coffee lovers make the most of their espresso machine, or it is a great introduction for anyone considering investing to get to grips with espresso machine specifications. The course includes taste-testing different batches of coffee from the Owens range, developing the sensory spectrum and interpreting flavour. Participants will use a range of home espresso machines and learn expert tricks and tips to enhance the flavour of a home brew.  It’s not just about making coffee, there’s also the chance to learn about the product in its entirety by developing knowledge of the coffee production process, from growing and harvesting to processing and roasting. The masterclass costs £65 and is run by Owens’ SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) qualified barista. 

Then there is the ‘Coffee Tasting & Brewing Experience’. This is a revamped experience and is the ideal festive gift for those who enjoy coffee at home to try out a range of home brewing methods. There will be a demonstration of, and experimentation with a range of brewing equipment including the V60, French Press, Chemex and AeroPress.  As with the Home Barista Masterclass, the course includes taste-testing coffees in the Owens organic range. This coffee experience busts myths and improves your home brew with simple and effective changes to brew ratios and water temperature, as well as covering useful information about the whole coffee production process. This two-hour training morning is designed for those with little or no experience and is a fun, hands-on experience for individuals, couples, or groups of friends! The course costs £55 and is run by Owens’ experienced Production Manager ‘G’!

Owens Coffee is 100% Fairtrade and certified organic by the Soil Association. Its roastery is based in Ivybridge, South Devon and customers can visit the roastery shop and takeaway, to enjoy a coffee on their way to or from a day of Christmas shopping. Their complete range of whole and ground certified organic coffee beans is available to buy directly from the roastery, online from and a wide range of retail outlets. The range includes Owens’ house blends and specialty single-origin coffee and single estate coffee for espresso and filter brewing. 

Continuing its commitment to sustainable business practices, in 2018 Owens Coffee moved to a state of the art, environmentally friendly roastery and production facility, which has been built with a focus on sustainable construction and energy, creating a pleasant, warm and inspiring environment for all.  This facility is where the new masterclass and coffee experience takes place.  

Owens’ ‘Gara’ coffee beans won ‘Best Organic Coffee’ at the Soil Association’s BOOM Awards in 2019.  In 2020, Gara added a Great Taste Award to its collection and was most recently awarded a Food Drink Devon Gold Producers Award 2021. ‘Gara’ is ideal for both espresso and filter and is a bold and fruity, medium-dark roasted blend from Central America. The most popular espresso blend of Owens’ range, the beans are roasted slightly darker to bring out notes of fruit, smoke and earth.

Owens Coffee’s range also includes ‘Bantham’, winner of a 2019 Great Taste Award, a smooth and chocolatey, medium roasted blend from South America and Indonesia; ‘Dart’, winner of a 2020 Great Taste Award, a mellow and sweet, darker roasted blend from South America and Africa; and ‘Decaf’, commended at the Taste of the West Awards 2019, refined and chemical-free, darker roasted blend from Latin America, decaffeinated using the Swiss Water® method. 

Owens Coffee has been fully committed to sustainability since day one.  This is demonstrated in its ‘clean roasted’ coffee: from the raw bean itself and the efficiency of its high-tech roaster, right through to packaging and waste, Owens considers sustainability at every stage of production.  

To shop the full range of organic coffees this Christmas or for further information about Owens Coffee please visit or call 01752 897124.  Like and follow Owens Coffee on Instagram: owenscoffee_, Facebook: @OwensCoffee and Twitter: @OwensCoffeeOwens Coffee is available to order direct and as an organic coffee subscription from


Owens’ Top 5 Gifts for Coffee Lovers

1. Organic Coffee Subscription Gift, UK Delivery By Post

This 3-6 month coffee subscription gift will be delivered by post to your special someone, anywhere in the UK. Two bags of coffee (200g) will be delivered every month for either 3 months or 6 months from Owens’ organic coffee house blends (excludes Decaf).

From £45

Buy now


2. Owens Coffee Gift Cards

A gift card from Owens Coffee covers a wide range of budgets from £5 up to £100. Your special someone can use this against a gift of their choice from Owens’ whole coffee (and tea) range, including their coffee experiences and home barista equipment.

From £5

Buy now


3. Discovery Pack of Coffee – 3 x pouches of Owens’ coffee beans

Owens’ Discovery Packs of organic coffee beans is the perfect gift to give to your special someone to discover which flavours they enjoy best. The Discovery Pack is available for either filter coffee makers or espresso machines and each pack includes 3 x pouches of organic coffee, which have been handpicked and include at least one award-winning blend. Choose from a Discovery Pack for Espresso or a Discovery Pack for Filter.

From £17.37

Buy for Espresso

Buy for Filter


4. Clever Dripper Coffee Maker PLUS 10% off coffee

The Clever Dripper Coffee Maker is a popular home-brewing model in the UK, as it is a neat, simple and portable option, ideal for office workers, campers and caravanners who want to make real coffee on the go.

What’s more, buy any of Owens’ home barista kits and you’ll save 10% on any coffee you purchase with it.

From £27.90

Buy now


5. The Precision Brewer Thermal by Sage

Brew craft filter coffee automatically.

The world’s first 1.7L drip coffee maker with the precision required to brew craft filter coffee, automatically. Experience your favourite coffee at its best regardless of its origin, age or roast with precise temperature and brewing time.


Buy now

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