‘Add One Devon Product’ – a simple act with a powerful impact on Devon’s food and drink industry

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Food Drink Devon
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28 May 2024

Food Drink Devon has just announced the launch of its new ‘Add One Devon Product’ campaign.

‘Add One Devon Product’ has been introduced to encourage consumers to make a simple yet impactful change to their shopping habits. The organisation is urging consumers to add one or more Devon-made products in their weekly shopping basket. It also promotes choosing local for on-the-go coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner, thus supporting the hospitality industry in the region.

The campaign comes in response to the significant pressure on Devon’s food and drink industry due to the wettest winter on record and the ongoing cost of living crisis. Unprecedented rainfall and the early Easter have reduced the window of opportunity for businesses in the region alongside lower disposable income and, therefore spending by consumers.

According to Greg Parsons, Chair of Food Drink Devon:

“Numerous factors have combined to create one of the bleakest winters we’ve known. As many households continue to adapt budgets to meet higher essential costs including higher mortgage rates, consumer reluctance to spend remains a concern.”

‘Add One Devon Product’ aims to uplift Devon’s food and drink industry by encouraging consumers to support local producers, whether it’s with the addition of something they have purchased before or trying something new. Adding one or more Devon-made products to their weekly shopping basket or choosing local when eating out will make a substantial difference. If every person responsible for the household shopping in Devon committed to adding a Devon-made product or supporting a local independent hospitality outlet, the impact would be huge.

The initiative will work in tandem with Devon Food Partnership’s ‘Every Bite Counts’ campaign which launched at Devon County Show and encourages consumers to make a pledge to eat local, whether that is supporting a farmer’s market, joining a food co-operative, switching one staple for a local product or signing up to a veg box.

Together it is hoped the message will turn Devon consumers into advocates for supporting their local hospitality outlets and shopping locally, which will have a huge and positive impact on the region’s farmers, the environment and our communities.

It is widely believed that for every £1 spent locally, up to 70p stays within the local economy. This money supports local jobs, schools and community initiatives, creating a ripple effect that benefits the entire community.

Based on the latest available data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) as of mid-2020, there were 1,186,000 people living in Devon with 172,000 people aged under 18. If every person responsible for the household shopping committed to adding a Devon-made product to their baskets, the impact would be significant.

Greg added:

“We have some of the best food and drink producers in the UK here in Devon and at the moment they need our support. This simple yet effective change could make all the difference to whether they struggle to survive or thrive and the knock on effect for all our communities is enormous.”

Food Drink Devon champions the region’s exceptional food and drink producers, supports sustainable and ethical food production practices, and promotes the region’s products to a wider audience. Established in 2009, it has grown to become one of the most respected and effective food and drink organisations in the UK representing over 350 businesses, from small-scale artisan producers to larger enterprises, and works to create a strong and vibrant food and drink sector that benefits the local economy, environment and communities.

Food Drink Devon works to achieve its goals through various initiatives, such as hosting networking events, running promotional campaigns and organising workshops. The organisation advocates for policies that promote a fair and equitable food system and encourages its members to adopt environmentally friendly practices and support local communities.

Food Drink Devon is a non-profit organisation dedicated to representing and promoting Devon’s food and drink sector. If you are looking for inspiration, its website is a great source of information, visit www.fooddrinkdevon.co.uk, follow @FoodDrinkDevon on X, Facebook and Instagram.

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