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27 Jan 2022

I am writing to update you on the recent launch of our new website. It was a risky moment in time where our small team on the farm could see years of hard work being knocked backwards as our customers found the site hard to use and many issues (bugs!) that turned some of our customers away. We are sorry for any inconvenience and frustration caused.

So far, we have improved the sign-up and login process, payment processing, added a Basket Switcher to clarify One Off Deliveries and Repeating Orders and fixed a lot of the afore-mentioned bugs around customer delivery, address and payment options. We are already planning upcoming upgrades as well, including simplifying the Repeating Order Process hugely.

Our website needed upgrading as the old site did not manage Regular Orders well. It was hard for customers to add, amend or delete an order. Over a year ago we took the brave decision to build and manage our website on the farm, rather than use an “off the shelf package” that does not understand perishable products, food recipes and so much more.

We have now produced a unique website that gives our customers the ability to manage Regular Orders with full flexibility. You can have as many orders as you wish, with different repeating intervals for individual items. For example, fruit and veg on a weekly basis and meat fortnightly. Last year, our customer survey confirmed that shoppers wanted a One Off Delivery facility to sample our produce, for special occasions or as a gift, which we have also included.

If you tried our website in the early days of launch and have persisted, I hope you agree that we have now ironed out most of the problems and have a robust website. If you haven’t tried since our launch, then please have another go.

We now have a full development team working on our website 24/7, and will soon launch the following features and benefits in the near future:

  • Discounted pricing and special offers on repeating orders.
  • A Recipe Hub that lists all ingredients, with a function to add all or select the items you’d like to add to your basket. The next generation of recipe boxes!
  • Promotions throughout the year.
  • Continued amendments and improvements to the Regular Order system.

Our development team can now respond to ideas for improvement to our website, and we welcome our customer’s feedback. Please email us at .

Thank you for your patience whilst we mould and form our hub for everything organic.

Best wishes,


Founder and Managing Director

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