Supporting Local Foodies with our Free Brand Health Check

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30 Jun 2021

Based in the South West, you can’t help but love our counties’ food offerings and here at Bluestone360, we’re all real foodies at heart. Not only do we enjoy the work we do with start-ups and challenger brands in the Food & Drink Industry helping to bring their brands to life, but we’ve also got the proven experience working with larger foodie brands and hope that we can bring some value and experience to share with our membership.

We know what it takes to build healthy, motivated brands that have a strong presence in the mind of consumers, add value to their lives, create emotional buy in and stand out from competitors.

Providing your audience with a positive customer experience and interactions with your brand have been proven to outweigh virtually any other advantage. Once established, these can be highly resistant to change.

Our brand health check is designed to help you uncover what you need to bring your brand story to life to resonate with your audience and create a better customer experience. It can provide the information to help align the creative and brand strategy across all channels and platforms to motivate consumers (and customers) to positively interact with your brand. It is important to understand what makes people tick and motivate human action.

We know these times are tough, but if you usually don’t get a chance to take a step back and look at your business from the outside, now might be a good time. We’re here if you have any questions and would be happy to assist where we can.

Just get in touch with either Steve Kyffin (our Managing Director)  or Steve Watson (our Creative Director)  to see how we can help. | 01752 700777

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