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Pure Gravy

Makes6 Servings

The best, natural (gluten free) gravy to compliment your roast dinner, using pure stock combined with the juices and flavours from your roasting joint or bird. You can't beat it!

 500 ml Pure Beef, Chicken or Game Stock
 150 ml Red or White Wine(according to the meat)
 150 ml Water
 Cornflouras required
 Salt and Pepper

Roast your joint on a bed of cut veg eg. carrots sliced in half length ways, whole cloves of garlic, onions quartered, celery sticks, rosemary & thyme.


Once roasted remove your joint of meat or bird, from the tray and wrap it in 3 sheets of foil and allow to rest for at least ½ hour to relax the meat.


Drain any excess fat from the roasting tray.


Place the tray with the trivet of veg onto the hob and add the wine. Allow to simmer and reduce by half.


Add the Pure Stock along with approximately 150ml of water (preferably your veg water) to the tray.


Continue to simmer while you deglaze the pan, stirring and lifting the caramelised meat juices.


Pass through a sieve into a saucepan, carefully squeezing the veg to release more flavour.


Add any juices drained from the rested meat, thicken to your liking with some cornflour slaked with a little cold water.


Season lightly and continue to simmer gently and serve.

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