Sweet Chilli Vegetables

In by The White Hart, Modbury

This recipe was provided by Chris Simon, Owner and Head Chef of The White Hart Hotel in Modbury.

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The Pure Stock Co – Boulangère Potatoes

In by The Pure Stock Co

A classic French potato dish – thinly sliced with onions and slow-cooked in Pure Chicken Stock a refreshing change from the everyday potato choice! This is an accompaniment to your main dish.

Maris Piper, King Edward or Desiree potatoes work best for this dish. Pure Chicken Stock can be replaced with Pure Veggie Stock for a vegetarian version.

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Decadent Chocolate & Cherry Hot Cross Buns

In by The Postal Pantry Co

After seeing lots of new variations of the traditional hot cross bun hit the market this year, The Postal Pantry Co. thought they’d have a go creating their own flavour combination. A rich cocoa bun with a melt in the middle centre, sweet glacé cherry chunks and raisins, glazed with honey and spread with a little salty butter. Heaven.

You will need a 25cm x 35cm baking tray lined with parchment paper. In total the time to make these is 3 hours, including all the proving time. This recipe makes 9 generous size buns.

All ingredients (apart from Semi-Skimmed Milk) can be found on their website.

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Simnel Cake

In by Halletts the Bakers

The build-up to Easter is a time for delight as we look forward to nature bursting back into life after the long winter. Bakeries play a big part in the customs surrounding this time of year, from pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, traditionally eaten before the long fast of lent, hot cross buns on Good Friday, and Shrewsbury biscuits and Simnel cakes that are still served up in many homes as part of the Easter feast.

The simnel cake is a lightly fruited cake with a layer of melted marzipan running through the middle.

On top, there is another layer of lightly toasted marzipan with 11 marzipan balls that signify the apostles of Jesus minus Judas. It’s tricky to get the sugary balls all evenly spaced, best done by eye. Why not make your own Simnel cake from the recipe below.

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Thai Cured Monkfish

In by The Church House Inn

This mouth-watering Thai cured monkfish is the perfect starter to kickstart your dinner in the perfect style. With pickled ginger, cucumber, coriander and a squid ink cracker it’s delicious, light and aesthetically stunning on the plate.

Serves 2-4.

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The Pure Stock Co – Peppercorn Sauce

In by The Pure Stock Co

Apparently, Steak & Peppercorn Sauce is one of the most popular dishes eaten on Valentine’s Day, no surprise really as it’s a silky seductive sauce that packs a punch to stimulate the senses. However, if you want to make this a dish that will win over your partner then you’ve got to get the key ingredients right. Source your steak from a good local butcher, use green peppercorns – as they have a fruitier more subtle heat and of course it has to be proper beef stock. This is a pretty straightforward sauce to make and will complement the flavour of your steak beautifully.

Happy Cooking!

Phil Oram, Chef Owner of The Pure Stock Co