Designing Your New Business: Opening an Ice Cream Shop!

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24 Aug 2021

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When you open a new business, there are many things to consider. Here at Cokor Design, we can help you to create your dream shop. Let’s explore the design process, taking an ice cream shop as our example.

What is an ice cream?

Ice cream is synonymous with joy, happiness, fun and childhood. Ice cream evokes emotions that encourage you to enjoy the moment and it makes people happy – those who produce it and those who consume it!

Will you sell Artisan or industrial ice cream?

If you wish to make your own ice cream, you will need:

  • A laboratory and shop
  • Preparation courses
  • Greater investment
  • Unique and personalised product

This option can offer very high earning margins.

If you wish to buy and sell ice cream, you will need:

  • Space for storage and shop
  • Less investment

This option offers good profit margins and no training courses are required.

Perhaps you wish to begin by selling ice cream to establish yourself in this sector, before moving on to producing your own ice cream? There are many possibilities, so consider all options carefully to set yourself up for success.

Consider your options

Further important questions include:

  • Do you want to create a space for takeaway, self service or sit in?
  • Will the ice cream be produced in the same place as it is sold?
  • What do you want to offer your customers?

When designing a business, there are many ways to set it up. For example, here we have five options:

  1. Takeaway with sale only
  2. Takeaway and lab
  3. Shop with self service
  4. Sit-in for sale only
  5. Sit-in and lab.

From the first choice to the last, it is not only the space that changes, but also the equipment. To produce ice cream in an artisanal way, it is necessary to buy some machines, such as a batch freezer, pasteuriser and refrigerators, for the products to be made and for storing the ice cream itself. You will also need display cabinets in the shop, as well as the shop itself. All of these decisions will have a big impact on your business, from location to costs, so it is worth taking the time to think about all of the details.

How will your business grow?

The world of ice cream is constantly growing and the products you could offer increase from year to year: ice cream + semifreddo + ice cream cakes + crêpes + waffle + pancake + sorbets + smoothies. This can offer many exciting ways to develop your business in the future.

There are companies in the ice cream sector with which we collaborate, including Carpigiani, where you can find different types of courses and get information on the available machines. It’s all about doing your research – and we can help you to get it right.

How to furnish your ice cream parlour

Whichever option you choose, your ice cream parlour must reflect you and the uniqueness of your product.

The perfect furniture and style do not exist, but we can help you to find the best solution, highlighting who you are and what you do. It should be remembered that a well-designed place puts the customer and those who work there at ease by providing the right layout and spaces. The first goal is to have a functional, safe, healthy and attractive place.

The style depends on where the shop is and the age of the customers. For example, if your shop will be close to parks or schools, you should choose a modern, cool place with bright colours. For a different venue in a historic centre near museums and theatres, with a more adult customer base, it may be better to choose something more classic and with more neutral colours, with relaxing light.

Lighting in your shop

Lighting is another very important element. The right light highlights the freshness of a product, enhancing its colours without altering its quality. A hot temperature that alters natural colours should be avoided, and a colder temperature is preferable to give more freshness. In the customer area you can choose a different light to create a softer and more intimate atmosphere that helps the customer to relax, or, for a place that is designed for families and kids, brighter lights can create a fun environment. When studying the light, you must also consider natural light and then, according to the room and the atmosphere you want to create, choose the points of light and shade.

Special attention must be given to the choice of the unit display cabinet. This is true for all food outlets, but especially for your ice cream shop. There are many models that can be divided into two large groups: Napoli or Pozzetto? The important thing is to choose a quality product to maintain the authenticity of the ice cream. It will be the first thing a customer sees as soon as they enter your shop, so it needs to make the right impact. We will talk specifically about shop windows in an upcoming article.

In any case, whatever you are imagining for your shop and whichever furniture and style you choose, remember that you have to whet the customer’s appetite. Product visibility, unit display cabinet positioning and attractive design are all important factors. Everything must be in harmony to guide the customer on this exciting journey.

Remember that the customer buys first and foremost with their eyes

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