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Eversfield Organic
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2 Aug 2021

Hay Making & Meaty Offers

For many over the UK, the sunshine of the past few weeks has been very much welcomed. For Eversfield Organic, a good sprint of sunshine meant one thing – Hay Making Season.

It is a crucial time for farmers to make sure they can provide enough food to store for their animals over winter months. For Eversfield especially, it is critical they are able to take good care of their hay as their cattle have a 100% grass fed diet – just the way it should be.

At Eversfield Organic, they allow their animals to feed on their organic pasture from birth and graze the fields for a minimum of 200 days of the year. Even some of the best perceived high welfare supermarkets only guarantee their animals 120 days minimum of outdoor grazing. Their livestock are never given growth hormones or grain designed to pack on weight, meaning they live a longer, happier life and grow at a more natural pace. Even when their cattle are tucked away during the winter, they only feed them on preserved organic pasture, meaning hay making season is crucial.

The nutrients picked up by their Aberdeen Angus also makes for a delicious, healthier choice of meat, from field to fork. Grass fed meat is proven to hold 3 times the amount of Omega-3, vitamins A & E and antioxidants. In addition, the fat on a cut of grass fed, organic meat is healthier than the saturated fats found on a grain fed cuts. This beautiful marbling also boosts the tasty, meaty flavour and improves the texture of their grass fed meat. Eversfield are proud to be one of only a handful of farms to provide both PFLA (Pasture for Life) certified and Soil Association organic certified meat.

Awards Season

Eversfield often let their meat speak for itself, proven by their most recent award win. They are thrilled to announce a Gold Award win from Taste of the West for their 28 Day Dry Aged, Beef Rib-Eye Steak.

They pride themselves on selling the highest quality meat. All of their beef is always 100% grass fed and finished, organic and freshly cut and trimmed by their expert butchers on their Devon farm.

Their organic, grass fed rib-eye steak is taken from the forequarter of beef next to the sirloin, and hung for a minimum of 28 days. Notice the beautiful marbling throughout all of the rib-eye, an ‘award winning’ attribute to all of their Aberdeen Angus beef.

Their Roam & Relish Honey Smoked Streaky Bacon has also won gold at the Taste of the West Awards. Dry cured on their very own farm, the organic bacon is marinated in honey and smoked over oak chips to develop a gentle, sweet, smoky flavour. The perfect way to start the day is with their Honey Smoked Steaky Bacon packed between a freshly baked bap.

Eversfield are also chuffed to have made the finals of this year’s Soil Association Best of Organic Market (BOOM) Awards for their organic, grass fed Lamb Shoulder, Boned and Rolled. They were recognised next to some stiff competition in the awards category “Best of Organic Meat & Poultry”.

You can always count on their Lamb Shoulder to deliver a winning dinner, exceptional when covered in garlic, rosemary and olive oil before roasting. The shoulder presents a beautifully marbled cut, trimmed by their traditionally trained butchers.

Plastic Free July Special

In honour of Plastic Free July, they’ve carefully selected some tasty organic favourites that are all free of plastic packaging for this week’s Small Veg Box. Plastic Free July is a month to reflect on plastic’s impact on our lives and ways they can reduce unnecessary use. Eversfield Organic offset necessary plastic use with ‘zero plastic’ solutions elsewhere. Carrots wrapped in plastic would be an example of a pointless use of plastic, but a carefully sealed plastic pack of chicken breast is necessary for food hygiene reasons.

But Eversfield don’t think using less plastic should be just for a month, and they are constantly striving to improve their packaging solutions. They always choose ‘no-packaging’, paper, cardboard and other home compostable solutions for all their fruit and vegetables where possible so they arrive in tip top condition to your door. Watch this space for a special, dedicated vegetable box free of plastic coming soon.

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